Friday, June 1, 2007

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, to Karate Kamp We Go!

Or more appropriately:
HI YA! HI YI! To Karate Camp Wich-ya!

Someone asks "why on earth are you going to Karate Camp?" I look at him, befuddled. "Because I CAN!" DUH!

The oldest of Denise's 7 kids didn't make the grades she needed for ROTC so she's grounded. Denise invites me in her place. It's a no-brainer.

Now, I teach Centered Riding, and many incorporate much eastern energy work into my training. I can Tai my Chi with the best of them, but I haven’t had any formal martial arts training since a brief stint with Shotokan in the dim and distant past. If I had several of me to send out into the world, martial arts would be a passion. I am jumping out of my skin with excitement!

The kids are watching Open Season on the way up, so we naturally we decide we all need cool nicknames. I am dubbed… The Gypsinator! (I’ll be baaaack).


  1. nice pic of my license plate! Who are you again?

  2. No one of consequence...

    Sorry, as a Princess Bride fan I had to say it!

    I was the horse training non-martial artist who was working really hard to keep my excessive enthusiasm from looking anything like disrespect!

    Who are you? (in your profile you look remarkable like Uma Thurman ;-)

    I quickly popped around your sites. As a teacher, I am entranced with your use of the blog as a teaching tool. VERY cool.

    Thanks for stopping in! (And I love your plate!)

  3. well, thank you! this year I'm experimenting with wikis, so wish me luck. if you are interested in using web 2.0 teaching tools, is a great resource. have a good year!