Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Refrigerator Poetry

See my inborn magic grow
Castle dreaming heart a-glow!


Apple cries, "Friend!
Imagine a garden where FrogSong rains in color,
Butterfly-springing down winter's light."


  1. You've got a better magnetic poetry set that I do. Mine basically consists of several pieces with the word "Nantucket" and various words and phrases that rhyme with the lovely island.

  2. A dusty saying from the apartment fridge, Shakespeare Version: "Ghost of love grace thee."

    *Still* haven't unpacked them yet.

    (But would you believe I stumbled 'cross my box of college and high school poetry this morning? Made me even later...)

  3. bdk- My Shakespeare version is up in tackroom of the horse trailer next to Diva David (Michelangelo's David with a wardrobe to swoon for-- you should see his feather boa!) Gotta have SOMETHING to do when horseshows run late, or after dinner but before s'mores while camping!

    Chris, this was my little cousin's "kids" version. Its a keeper--they've got some great words!