Friday, June 1, 2007

Of Jedi Dresses and Hurting Pretty

We aren't qualified to take this class--we don't have the required falling skills--but we poke our heads in anyway. Most of the people are wearing long black robes.

"Who are the guys in the Jedi dresses?" I whisper. Thinking about the first skirted warriors that come to mind, I add, "I don't recall any solid black tartans. I wonder if they're all going regimental...."

Tink chokes on her giggles. I'm being serious.

An older man sits peacefully on the floor. He's in an armlock with the woman standing over him. They appear motionless, but she is straining, pouring out her strength and obvious skill. WA-BAM! She is airborne, then hits the matts. It is a sound I come to love.

The woman is the director of the camp as well as the Sensei of the Suigetsu Dojo. Later, she reflects: "you can hurt people, or..." her face brightens and beams, "you can hurt people pretty!"

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  1. Oh the memories!!! I love the dresses and nuthin beats hurtin' pretty!!! And, you were getting pretty good at it too.