Thursday, June 21, 2007

I generally grab my camera as I race out the door. Tonight I don't--we're "just" heading down to Food Lion-- and I know better.

The two shots I miss:

Tengwar, Tolkein's luscious elvish script, lyrically loping down the sides and across the trunk of an otherwise undistinguished car. It's been waaay too long: I can't read it. The decals are laser-sharp, obviously professional work. When we get home, we try what we remember of the website it promoted, to no avail.

The black bear darting across the road. We wheel out of the turn we were about to make to get a better look, but he is instantly swallowed in the underbrush.


  1. Oh, be careful, black bear! The big growling steel monsters eat all kinds of animals every day.

    Although I'd love to see one covered in Elvish script.

  2. They don't call it Bear Hollow on the maps for nuthin' :=)

  3. PS... remind me to check with my friend Liz... I think she mentioned a similar car at a car show locally. I -think- her friend did that car.... but I won't swear by it.