Saturday, June 9, 2007

Never a Dull Vote

A few weeks ago Liz didn't bother to vote for city councilman-- and it ended up a tie. No biggie, except that a friend of ours was running and her vote would have sealed his win. DOH!

That incident fresh in my mind, I'm not missing out on this vote, especially since I actually give a hoot about the outcome.
I get into the poling place 9 minutes before they close.

"Did you speed to make it here?" asks the guy at the end of the table.

"Of course not! Are you a cop?" I grin.

"Loudon County" the other monitor affirms.

"And I never forget a face!" the officer adds. Note to self-- don't speed tomorrow on the way to Upperville.

It's a surreal experience. I tell the woman handling the "L"s my name and she hands me a ticket and a slip of paper. She must be omniscient--she doesn't even need to see ID to know I'm me. The paper says "YES" and "NO" with a box by each one to check. I guess they don't want to risk voting-machine fraud. I glance around for voting booths. The room is bare but for the check-in table. "Just don't let us see what you write!" Mrs. Omniscience advises.

I mark my choice, then circle it to be sure, then draw a few stars around it because when else will I be able to? I hand the ballot to the one monitor and the ticket to the cop, who is still flirting mercilessly.

Dangling chads seem downright mundane.

As I escape a final straggler hurries in. "You made it just in time!"

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