Sunday, June 10, 2007

Starting out Sunday

Head into church for the first time in... 3 weeks? Waaay too long! (I still crack myself up when I say stuff like this, having spent the vast majority of my life anti-church!) I've been out of town the other Sundays, except the week Cy spoke at his church on Rwanda--of course I couldn't miss that!

SO GREAT to be back! My church is... intense. No, it's not church itself that's intense. The powers-that-be know when to step aside cause God's taking charge, and that's when things get lively.

Arlene, a delightful woman probably in her eighties sums it up with her understated charm: "It's just the most INTERESTING place!" Today is no exception.

As I roll out of C'Town I notice an unusual smiley sticker on the jeep in front of me.

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