Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Raising the Bar: Part I

Over the course of a day or two, I have the same conversation several times over with unrelated people about blog content, for no reason other than happenstance. Where do you draw the line around what is appropriate?

In a content-focused blog it's pretty darn clear. You can be sure, for example, posts by billydaking or Film Geek will have something to do with cinema, however far the connection may be stretched.

In a journal-y blog, though, anything goes and its up to the writer to draw the line in the sand. My own standard had been anything I wouldn't mind my youngest student reading and showing the parents. Of course, it could be argued that almost anything I don't want her or him to read I probably shouldn't be doing/thinking/writing about anyway, but that's a whole nother conversation.

The reasoning is less about the impact controversial posts would have on my or my subjects personal and professional lives (not that I live some racy, underground double life), but about the world immediately around me. It's a law of the universe: we get what we focus on. What do I want to create? What do I want to magnify and multiply? What seeds to I want to sow in others' minds, bearing in mind the eventual harvest will inevitably touch me too?

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