Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jumping in!

Arighty jumping right in! I'm already bored with counting exercise calories. Its been just over a week, in which I logged maybe half my activity and threw up my hands in frustration at even trying to guess riding calories burned without a heart rate monitor. I have a good sense now that calories in are fewer than calories out, I'm almost at my target weight way ahead of schedule, and I know Mark'll keep me straight if I stray. So just for fun I'm going to bow out of tracking activities and simply combine them all to walk/ride/swim/dance/mudstep to Mordor. Who's with me?

Here's our map...

And a fun description of the journey with some traveling tips...

And a fun tune to send us off!

 Already on my way!

There you are!

Dust dust.... Blow off cobwebs... There! Much better. Hi old friend!