Friday, June 29, 2007

Urban Legend Debunked, Ustream Discovered

Tonight I weave words with cat-herding simplicity. In other words--not. Several drafts now languish in queue. Much to say, little coherency.

I crash around the web looking for one of my favorite Goethe quotes and learn it was not Goethe at all but W.H. Murray during the Scottish Himalaya Expedition in 1951. (Shoulda known--if it's not Scottish, it crrrrap!)

On the same page I learn about, touted as a "Youtube beater." Strong words, those, and I'm excited. Will "live, interactive video for everyone" change my life? I'm already dreaming of the possibilities :-)


  1. And here I sit, staring at two blog entries that just aren't coming together. Little drunk ferrets, the words are, banging their tiny heads in sync with mine.

    Must be the cool weather distracting us....

  2. Whatever you can do,
    or dream you can,
    begin it;
    boldness has genius, power
    and magic in it.