Saturday, June 30, 2007

Warren's Buffet

A luncheon with Warren Buffett recently sold for $650,100 during a charity auction. I love hearing about stuff like that. It brings up questions. I love questions!
  • What would I want bring to the table (no pun intended)?
  • How could I super size the results of that lunch (know as much as I could about him and his beliefs that is publicly available so the time could be spent gleaning fresh, deep insights, promote favorite charities, ensure a followup meeting.)
  • What questions would I love to have him answer? (What one mistake or failure invoked your greatest growth? What runs through your mind last thing at night, first thing in the morning, and in the face of an avoidable catastrophe? What one principle or statement would have the greatest impact on individual prosperity and the economy as a whole?)
  • Who would I pay even more to hang out with? (the people I keep coming up with are dead. Check back later!)
  • What would I want to get out of that time with him to validate the $650k investment (albeit a tax deduction)?
  • And for a purely material buzz, how would it feel to donate $650k to charity in one shot, and how much would I be making that $650k would be the equivalent to what a turkey sub and a medium Dr. Pepper is to what I make now? (That made no sense. Remember the bubble tests? Sub-n-soda: My current income:: Lunch with Warren: What I could be making. Capiche?)
I really love the winner's reaction. Mohnish Pabrai states, "he has had a major influence on the way I've invested, and also on the way I give back. To the extent societal rules or the wiring of your brains make it easy to acquire a lot of assets, then to the extent you can, you should try to improve the world."


  1. Wrong questions...

    1) How can I charge $650k for lunch with me

    2) What would I offer as an incentive to do so?

    3) How many people could I justify reasonably having at such a lunch so that my income could be maximized in the shorest reasonable amount of time?

    I propose a 2 hour caterred lunch, between 15 and 30 people, with signed autographed pictures.

  2. Pssst.... do I win a prize?

  3. Operative word here: CHARITY :-)

    But that's a great question: what would inspire someone to pay $650k to lunch with you? Figure that out and you're on to something!

    Of course you win a prize-- yay, prizes!

  4. Okay, I'll make the obvious joke:

    Lunch with a guy named Buffet? This I gotta see...

  5. Now here's inspiration...

    Start a buffet style restaurant in Warren County...

  6. Just keep it a secret from Cy and I. Otherwise we'll eat it into bankrupcy, and no one will be inspired to shell out $650k, even if it is for charity.

    Unless you figure out how to feed the famished masses with plenty more food left over. THen you'll have a secret worth knowing. Maybe it'll go hand in hand with raising the dead and saving the world. It did last time around ;-)