Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hugging for Maximum Effectiveness (tm)

I trot downstairs to the smell of coffee and Jim reciting.

"After 20 seconds of hugging, Oxytocin (the nuturing hormone) is released."

I chortle at the thought of hugging for maximum effectiveness, but I'm a big fan of both: hugging AND maximum effectiveness. I grab up my 6-year old cousin in one arm and start a wrestling count with the other. "One, two, three...!"

Louise chides through her chuckles, "I don't think that's quite the emotional response we're going for!"

Skye and I finish our 20 seconds. She heads to art camp, I head up to the barn. Both of us are grinning.

Yup, Hugging for Maximum Effectiveness (tm). Give it a go!

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