Thursday, June 14, 2007

Today's To-Dos and Ta-Dahs!

Today breaks blissfully grey and rainy. My morning and afternoon lessons cancel and long hours open up to focused and long-neglected inside work. On today's list:
  • Post floral photos on for the delightful Lexingtonian who wants to decorate her rental property
  • Write a horse training manual for kids
  • Figure out what the heck I'm gonna say at the demo tomorrow with a totally unknown horse
But first things first: Liz, the Buffet Grump, is out of town. I call up Cy:

Can ya smell the steak sizzlin', can you taste the shrimp fryins
I just gotta know, do ya wanna go to Ryan's?


  1. The anticipation is overwhelming. I hope they haven't changed things around.

  2. Wow, I never realized how complicated buffets could be! Here I've been doing it all wrong!

    The man is obviously a gustatory savant--he's figured out how to get his "nutritional-intake needs" met with fast food!

    --Spacing out my own nutritional intake for maximum return on tonight's investment!