Friday, June 22, 2007

Multi-Dimensional Blogging

Who can write code for multi-dimensional blogging? You know, the kind which breaks free of linear communication and lets you chase simultaneous tangents into length and depth and width and breadth and time and spirit and emotion?

I'll let one of you techies figure it out. Gotta go heave more hay.


  1. Would this be considered blog spray?

    Hay without me??*sniff, sniff*

  2. Looks like there could be a market for this product, though it's probably less code and more mode.


    "I believe in the multi-dimensional blog, where you can be CEO and be grieving your mother's death at the same time, where you can be soldier and poet, where you can mix AJAX with love, where you can fact check and sob, where you can be thicker than the words you type, where your substance is in your disparate parts, where your blog brings the pieces of you together."