Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ta-Dah! #1

Round one of the florals is up on the Smug Mug site.

The timing is perfect: as the last image uploads, the teaching teleconference I've been listening to wraps up. That is another one of my mentor's mandates--listen every day to experts in your fields. Liz and I were talking last week about how we've both gotten away from that, and how we notice the absense.

I'm tempted to play with some horsey, vintage style pix that are clamoring for attention. Reluctantly, I close the browser window.


  1. The pics are amazing... the iris are calling to me, "order me Tink...we need to be on your wall".

  2. Please take a glutamate blocker before attacking any restaurant.

  3. Whoops, this comment is out of phase. Pls refer to steak house.