Thursday, May 31, 2007

Future Home

I'm not a house-y person the way a lot of people are. I've always ended up with a roof over my head, albeit sometimes one that rains indoors. I've lived anywhere and everywhere: in a ghetto, in a historical mansion, in a deceptively cute cottage that spewed septic into the shower when it stormed, unknowingly sleeping 5 feet away from a human finger severed from a fresh corpse.

But this morning I race down the stairs yelling to Mom, "I just found the place I'm supposed to live!" The ad in Renaissance Magazine mentions 50+ acres and an equestrian facility. The website begs questions: waterfalls? Federal forests to ride through? Pictures of the stables? Regardless, it feeds my imagination throughout the arduous, hundred-degree day.

I trundle up to the barn for evening chores, dreaming of castles and brainstorming $6 million mortgages....


  1. most excellent. hot tub over looking the ridge and a pub! You're really going to need a handyman around with a big place like that.

  2. And it has a tower, too! Perfect! Though, I can't figure out if that little outbuilding is a guest cottage or just an elaborate outhouse.

    The price has come down to $4 million. Should we start helping you pack?

  3. Every castle *needs* a fool/storyteller, right? I'm not asking for anything fancy... (though no severed fingers, please. Yikes!)

  4. Cy, are you auditioning for the job? It's yours, whenever you want small amounts of farmwork!

    After grappling with the Deutz's new clutch all day Thursday, I decided when I close on the Castle I'm buying a new tractor. Not one older than me, definitely not one older than Mom. New. You'll love it. Maybe I'll get a purple sparkly one. WIth a front end loader, definitely. And helicopter blades.

    I figured you'd like the pub ;-)

    Billydaking--packing--you bet! Even if it's a guest cottage, I may have to convert it to an outhouse. The $4mil is just the Castle. I'm going for the whole $5.6 mil shebang, stables, subdivision and all. Why waste time dreaming shrimpy?

    Plainfool--you're MANDATORY! No worries--I was not a big fan of the severed finger and definitely choose not to repeat that experience, on so many levels, for so many reasons. Will you be at Pennsic?

  5. Not this year. With Dad just coming back from Iraq, Mom's going to still need a lot of support, so I'm planning a quiet vacation for all of us, going canoeing and making dinner over a campfire after.

    I am, however, seriously considering the Hafla later this month, and may possibly be at Storvik's novice tourney this summer. I'm also seriously considering a couple weekend camping trips in the local area.