Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Return to the Tallest Tower Part II

After a hectic morning of cleaning and boxing and shlepping, I lure Cy and James out with a case of beer (would that work with Bigfoot?) Moving Heavy Objects is their specialty. Imagine the Tasmanian devil of cleanliness and order swooping in. A couple of hours later...summer mode! I'm even able to slip out to the fields for an emergency electric fence repair.

Stuff is still in boxes, "cleanliness and order" are still aspirations, but the move is official. Thanks so much guys! You're amazing and I couldn't have done it without you!

It's good to be back in Tallest Tower.


  1. Great... now I can make all sorts of Rapunzel jokes :=)

  2. Somehow, I can't picture Gypsy sittin' around at a loom all day.... ;-)

  3. That's all fine and good 'til my hot date with Locks of Love! Where is that ruler? Can't be too much longer now...

  4. ...and you better believe I'd sit at a loom all day if I were spinning straw into gold! But not for some steenkin' evil stepmother, no. And only long enough to innovate the process so Roughage to Riches (TM), subsidiary of Laughing Gypsy International would soon automate and expand the process. I will be out running amok in the world even as my empire expands...

    'Course, my stepmother RAWKS! She just sent me a box full of rubber snakes and spiders and frogs and things. And there's a houseful of innocent, unsuspecting family coming in this weekend... BWAHAHAAA!

  5. Oh dear, I may have kicked the can of worms right over...