Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Weekend Begins

The first of the weekend's family arrives this evening- Mom! Yippee! I feel bad--I talk to her just after a rigorous session with a tough horse where some blatantly obvious things went on (generally you try to catch things before they snowball into fireworks, which is great for teaching a horse but not very exciting for educational videos. This evening we get some fireworks.) She says she's pulling into the driveway moments after I realize the video camera had NOT been rolling for the entire hour and a half. I am not at my nicest.

She shows up though, and all is well with the world. After greetings and hugs she jumps on Mr. B's Kubota and starts mowing. It's a pathological obsession of hers, but I heartily approve! She finishes the barnyard just about the time I finish working the last horse and we load up our starving bellies for Outback.

After copious amounts of barely cooked cow, Justin, our all-too-serious waiter, warns us of the festivities in the parking lot. I beeline for a better view: 8 cop cars of varying denominations, 10+ officers of varying rank with weapons drawn, and 1 skinny perp cuffed and folded across Sheriff's hood. I ask around and best I can piece together is a drug bust after a drawn out car chase. I chortle imagining the innocuous blue minivan with a herd of cop cars in hot pursuit.

We continue on to fill the diesel cans for tomorrow's mow-a-thon.


  1. at first I was thinking vegetarian protester, but drug bust makes more sense. I can't wait to see the post mow-a-thon farm.

  2. Yeah, especially since you got to see the pre mow-a-thon farm! Amazing what a conservative businessman's haircut can do for first impressions ;-)