Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Return to the Tallest Tower Part I

The house I live in is old, grand, and SO not winterized. I put a propane heater in the kitchen next to the stove (which served that purpose in the past) and migrate down into the little room above the kitchen around October. I move in my office essentials, replace a couple of tables with a sofa in front of the heater and cover the floor with carpet scraps to battle drafts. Triple decker plastic on the windows, caulking and rags in the cracks in the (uninsulated) plaster, and layers of blankets on the windward walls (tapestries!) complete the winterization process.

Spring (finally) arrives and I migrate back to the Peak Room on the third floor, out of the way of the hustle and bustle of whomever happens to be here at the time. In addition to the family of cousins that live here during warmer months, we could have any number of the farm's 17 owners staying at any given time. The kids call my room The Tallest Tower.

I realize with shock that our owner's meeting is this upcoming weekend. With this spring's action and anomolies I'm still over the kitchen, all my office stuff is in the shelves that in summer hold dishes for 2 dozen, and family will start filtering in momentarily.


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