Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Return to the Tallest Tower Revisited

So the tale of the Tallest Tower has incited some Rapunzel jokes, and aspersions cast as to the Gypsy's natural predilection--or lack thereof-- for sitting in front of a loom all day.

You better believe I'd sit at a loom all day if I were spinning straw into gold! But not for some steenkin' evil stepmother, no. And only long enough to analyze, innovate and automate the process. Almost overnight Roughage to Riches (TM), subsidiary of Laughing Gypsy International, will become a major player in the global economy. Because of the patented proprietary technology, I will be free to run amok in the world even as my empire expands...

As to evil stepmothers, my real-life stepmother RAWKS! She just sent me a box full of rubber snakes and spiders and frogs and things. And there's a houseful of innocent, unsuspecting family coming in this weekend... BWAHAHAAA!

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