Thursday, May 10, 2007

Birthday Buffet...Bloatissimo!

Cy's Birthday wish involves not all you choose to eat, but all you CAN eat. We meet at Ryan's Steakhouse. It may not be Martinsburg's finest, but it sure is Martinsburg's most!

Our bubbly waitress puts everything on the desert bar into a bowl, positions gummi bears at decorative points, and carries it out in a singing clapping extravaganza. We ooh and ahh and Cy digs in. The waitress wells up, practically in tears. "No one's ever actually EATEN it before!"

Cy takes the time to track her down later and thank her, and build her up. When she clears our table, her feet don't even touch the floor. Score another victory for Encouragement!

As I pull in the driveway the skies open. I dart inside to slam the westward windows, and revel in the first real thunderstorm of the season.


  1. I love the labels for this post. Who knew such positive stuff could come out of Ryans!

  2. "Nobody's ever eaten it before!"

    Ever? How long do gummi bears last anyway? ;-)

  3. If ya have to ask, ya don't want to know!