Saturday, July 28, 2007

What News From Fiona? --er, Verona?

I venture forth on this, night 2
of Will's and Serena's acting debut.

From producer to pit crew, director to diva, the members of The Shakespeare Generation have yet to celebrate their 21st birthdays (think: a thespian Menudo). Tonight they breathe fresh life into the romantic tragedy (or is it tragic romance?) of Romeo and Juliet. Will, Serena, Fiona and Pelle (as a dashing Benvolio) represent the home team on stage.

The Program describes Will as "13, likes to read books, especially hard ones that most of us would not be able to understand. You will find him happily content in a chair at practice, sitting there and smiling. William is interested in historical warfare. After our last performance, William will be traveling to Mali to educate the people about our country's warfare. We wish him luck and success on this trip."

Yup, that's Will!

More news may follow sometime when I'm actually awake, but I'll let slip this spoiler: even though this is the umpty-gajillionth production since Shakespeare's first dress rehearsal, it still hasn't upgraded to a happy ending.


  1. Go Will and Serena, I would loved to have seen them!

  2. They were brilliant! Productions continue throughout the week/end.

  3. "Upgraded to a happy ending." Hee.

    Probably would call it a tragic romance, since the latter leads to the former. Not to mention that both title characters are Rather Silly People who probably could have come up with a Much Simplier Plan.

  4. You ain't kidding! A little communication, people! A dash of Dale Carnegie could have saved the play!

    Well, I'd work up a rewrite, but I've got my country's 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder and Guilder to frame for it. I'm swamped!

    Are you up for the challenge? ;-)

  5. We just went to their last show yesterday. I was really impressed with the effort. Although I'm sure I only got a tenth of the jokes. But then again, half the actors didn't understand them either.