Thursday, July 19, 2007

Home Again

For the moment, we're almost complete. Wolf's home, Cy's home, I'm home. Liz is still running amuck in Rwanda, though, and I miss her sorely.

I'm too exausted to argue when James invites me over. I'm already heading into town for groceries, I haven't seen everyone one in weeks, and I'm too wiped out to be productive tonight. I swing by.

The boys are already chillin' on the lawn. I collapse into hello hugs. There's a couple of weeks to catch up on all the way around, and confessions to be made: I humbly admit to James that he was right. Industrial acetone is NOT a good substitute for nail polish remover. (Seemed like a flash of genius at the time, though Liz waited a few minutes to follow suit to make sure my toes didn't dissolve--or ignite from being too close to the firepit.)

Well, the mango salsa must be laced with espresso, because after a little bit of catch up conversation and brainstorming, it becomes evident that we need an 80's dance party. NOW.

I miss Liz more than ever. Cy and I are jamming and pantomiming to "Future's so Bright" (and it is!) when a voice booms, "DOES YOUR MOTHER KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING?!!!!!!!!!!"

Mary Beth just got out of a vestry meeting at the church across the street, and saw me dancing in the window. Don'cha love small towns? She calls home. "Honey, it's dire. Liz is still out of town and Gyps is the only girl in the dance party. She needs my support! I'll just be a few minutes...." Takin' one for the team--thanks, Mary Beth! ;-)

She brings in her ipod and 80's gives way to beach music. We take it outside to try some swing moves amidst the tiki torches.

It's great to be home again!


  1. We are all sooo glad you are back! Gonna have to do tinkiewinkie happy dance now!

  2. Thanks! It's so good to be home. You guys make it what it is to me! I love you!

  3. hmmm... 80s party, huh? No 80's party here in East Africa yet. I did dance last night to some cool African beats. Glad MB was there to bail you out! Love ya girl!

  4. No amount of bailing was needed, it was all a front. That MB, she's a sly one. Wish you were here, but glad you're where you are! Love you too!