Friday, July 20, 2007

Wakeful in West Virginia

So jacked up I couldn't lie in bed anymore.

Long day, intense day--thought I was wiped out. Earlier, The Boyz urged me out for karoake but thoughts of sleep sounded sweeter. The lava flow of brake lights along the highway as far as I could see seconded that emotion. I wheeled Little Joy out of the endless two lane parking lot and into the black warren of backroads, on towards home.

But now, now I'm excited. It just clicked what fits.

The current maelstrom of activity includes SOMETHING around the county fair and photos. I haven't been happy with the idea of a traditional art show type booth, and can't quite put my finger on why.

That's not quite so, there are lots of reasons. I don't want to do "that kind of thing" in the future, why sow seeds for an undesirable harvest? I have way more things
to spend time and thought on over the next few weeks that really excite me rather than printing, matting and framing a gagillion images that I've already taken, that are already past. I would rather invest the money into a nice camera--and the time into playing with it and creating anew. The list goes on and the reasons sound hollow to me, but I know the fit isn't right.

I bounce ideas off Cy, off Wolf, off David, off Mom. And still, the fit's not right.

And then it clicks.

No actual product but for a token poster that to me embodies the idyll of a rural fair--and the spirit that has driven this whole crazy venture. My most alluring images---whatever they may be--- beckoning from the walls and digital displays for widest selection-- and hands-off fulfillment on my end. Fresh pictures from the fair updated hourly.

And that which has been most vital to the vision from its onset: outreach into the World. YOUR dreams are NOT sleeping-- and here are pictures to prove it. Moving forward, constant creation, ALIVE.

Not a traditional, proven business model. Non-compliant with tried and true marketing principles. But it FITS! And it leaves fair-goer's hands free for funnel cake.

I'm feeling more restful now--thanks for listening!

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