Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Independence-- Vive le Difference!- Part Thr33

A few weeks ago I have separate campfire conversations with Mannie and Matthew. Mannie tries to convince me the differences between gender are absolute. "Men are more mechanical" he informs me. I think about The Mechanic, who (along with divine providence and a daily dose of miracles) kept my old Buick running until little Joy, my Subaru, came into my life; and about Cy and Wolf, who can coax eager cooperation from the most cantankerous computer. I am eternally grateful--I couldn't do it without them. But then I think about Ginnie, or my mom, or even myself in a pinch, who can MacGyver vital solutions in the face of any impossibility.

"Women are more emotional," Mannie continues. Arighty, I resemble that one. As do all the important women in my life, because in caring comes deep experience, fierce assertiveness, and powerful protectiveness. Yet every one of these women has such deep strength as to sublimate her own emotions to the cause at hand. Not subjugate: feelings are still recognized and honored. But they are given no more authority than their nature commands.

As we talk, my sock feet are balanced on the edge of the firepit, relishing the heat and freedom. Mannie keeps hassling me to put on my shoes. I finally get paranoid- "do my feet stink or something?!"

I take a whiff. Fragrant as any self-respecting feet on a camping trip, but not overwhelming. Mannie heads off to his hammock. I eventually go to put on my shoes--and the laces are intricately woven together. "Women are more mature than men!" In this moment, I'd agree with that one-- but for the pranks I'd pulled on him earlier.


  1. I was curious whether or not there is some scientific evidence on this topic and found this:

  2. Thanks for the evidence. Gender seemed like such a random quantifier. So does that increase credence for personality type?