Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to Jim!

Jim's Birthday tonight.

What a miracle.

Not just celebrating his birth, but celebrating 50 years. And we do--with music , mayhem and mucho mastication.

It took living with Louise, his wife, my cousin, to honor my own Birthday. If nothing else I celebrate her for that. But then I think of the reunions, the family shin-digs, the times when she's enforced that the people in our lives take precedence over the paltry claims commerce wields over them. I fall in gratitude for the stand she's taken for people she's never known but for the roles they've played.

Louise, you're an amazing woman. You've impacted my life--and all the lives I touch-- in ways you may never know.

Jim, Happy Birthday! Tonight's been a blast!

I love you both!

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