Thursday, July 5, 2007

Striking Gold!

This Gypsy likes to shoppe at a trendy little boutique found in hip locations around the globe. It's specialty is one-of-a-kind, tough-to-find treasures. Its Will is Good. Sometimes it even Salvages entire Armies. And when you're lucky, its one size will fit you.

Today I find a copy of Napoleon Hill's Master Key to Riches on the racks. I begin to fantasize. What if some poor soul, down-on-his-luck, stumbled across that book, picked it up and applied its principles? What if he turned his wildest dreams into a multi-billion dollar company that transformed the world? What if, out of deep gratitude, he started a foundation to teach success to people who know only disappointment? My mind sings with possibilities.

But I've popped in today to pan for my own gold, and I'm richly rewarded. A long sheer scarf with fringe and another sparkling enticingly with golden sequines catch my eye--they'll be nice additions to my horse's medieval middle-eastern garb.

I pause at the CD racks-- not a usual haunt. And there, nestled amidst musical memories best forgotten, shines the holy grail:

*** Adobe Photoshop Elements ***

I'm dancing with gratitude-- and already planning to find a new-in-the-box digital Canon XTi at a yard sale on my way to New England!


  1. That of which people dream is at times right at their fingertips. They merely fail to look. Congrats on your score!!

    Thanks for the link. I've added you as well.

    Look forward to future visits to and fro'

  2. Can't believe you didn't invite me!

  3. can't wait to see the scarves! sparkles and tassles...oohhhh.