Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Independence-- Vive le Difference!

They say women have more neural integration between the segments of their brains, hence their superior ability to simultaneously access multiple areas and multitask. Nothing like leaving your businesses for a week to fire your ganglia into a manic synaptic square dance.

What's happening in the office and at the bank for the next week or so that needs to be taken care of before I leave? What
farmwork might come up that I can address now? Fencelines to be checked, supplies to order, a horse sale to complete and a few others to further along. What can I anticipate that might come up that I can cover NOW and save scrambling by my substitutes? What do I need for my work up north? What do I want to accomplish in my "spare" time while I'm gone? Talk about neural integration!

Now, I believe men and women are equally valuable, but we are far from equal. All the same, I wonder about claimed gender differences. Some things are no brainers-most men are stronger physically than most women. The moment I realized this is indelibly printed in my mind:

I ended up at the same college as Greg, a good friend's big brother. He was as surprised as I was. "How did YOU end up at an engineering school?" he asked, incredulous. "Well, the school flower is the dandelion. That's my favorite flower. You can make crowns, and wine, and wishes from them...."

I thought it made more sense than a lot of the criteria my classmates were using in their college searches. Truth be told, it was the last thing I wanted to be bothered with.

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