Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Question

We already have it all.
The question is: how can we GIVE our all?


  1. That's a great conversation starter! I'm going to post an answer tomorrow in my Monday Candle Moment.

    Thanks for stopping by Colloquium a few days ago . . . I'm just getting around to visiting you. Lovely blog, great photos and congrats on your thinking blogger award. Very special! I'm sure you feel honored, as you should.

    I'm putting you in my blogroll, too. :-) A little link love is a great thing!

    Don't be a stranger and I won't either, my new friend.

  2. Hopefully, without thinking twice!

    Thanks for visiting Writing in Faith. I'm very happy to read your blogs and enjoy your insights. I love the spirit of your writing!

  3. What a great answer to hear... and to live into!

  4. and once given, the reward you were never looking for and that you didn't even think about appears and is more that you could have ever dreamed!