Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Last night I'm asked if there's anything I have to say, anything I want to ask or add.

I laugh sardonically. The image pops instantly to mind: thoughts in the shape of a thousand inmates clamoring at the bars of a jail cell. "Let us OUT!!!!!!!!"

Its all good. Sometimes its the season where action elbows out expression. But I want to figure out a way to have it all. A way to completely integrate...for lack of a better phrase, the right- and the left-brained sides of my life. Anyone know any GOOD voice recognition software that is accurate over a diesel roar? Next best scenario: calling your blog-- or some other instant mp3-ification on your cellphone, like Odeo used to offer? Any other thoughts for how to "write" while in a car (I keep a legal pad in the passenger seat but it takes so stinkin' long to read my high-speed handwriting) or on the back of a horse?

Tonight's blogplay hints at jailbreak....

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