Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Today: The Short Version Pt. 1

I realize one thing I don't want to be when I grow up: a cow show photographer. Now, cows are beautiful and I'm a big fan of steak and ice cream, but the shows moove so udderly slowly.... Not that I blame the cows, some are so full they are leaking milk and can barely get their legs around their udders. Marching with alacrity is well outside the range of possibility.

I meander down to the Kiddie Tractor Pull, which is always a hoot. The kids ride a pedal tractor hooked to an itty-bitty stoneboat, which increases the weight as the kids forge ahead. Everyone gets really into it, and it makes for great photo fodder.

All the same, nothing much is going on tonight. I'm really dragging, and thinking the highest and best use of a slow evening is editing pictures and catching up on sleep.

As I head back to the car, the band starts up. It's a ticketed show, and I really don't feel that kind of commitment. I pull a few shots from afar, then move in closer. No one stops me, so I pull a few more, and go into the wings of the grandstand. No one stops me so I scamper into a primo spot in the covered grandstand.

The band is Poverty Neck Hillbillies, and boy, do they love their audience. The lead singer mills through the stands, working the crowd, then calls their devoted fans into the quagmire in front of the grandstand. Heck with commitment--in a heartbeat I'm down on the stage and the drummer is grinning into my camera.


  1. Cow show photography doesn't pay well anyway.

  2. That's a load of bull! Personally, I'd milk it for all it's worth. But don't listen to anything I say right now, I'm going through calffeine withdrawal....

  3. Originally, I was going to pull out the Bad Pun Wacking Stick for that "udderly", but your reply just sent me into cardiac arrest...

  4. :-)

    what does not kill you makes you stronger....

  5. As the aggy fairs become weekend after weekend events, I wonder which one we cheapskate Connecticut Yankees will spring for. Bethlehem, most likely. I always wonder what it's like to be those critters doing the catwalk thing for the suburbanites. Our guinea pigs are staying home when we go and protesting.

    Great post, and very atmospheric. I am already wondering what to say about the ATM kiosks at the country fairs these days.

  6. Sandy, my heart will always belong to the old Danbury Fair! I hate to think how much money and anguish I spent trying to win the giant stuffed horse with the cover-the-red-circle game!

    Still boycotting the "new" Maul....