Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Pennsic Thank You

August ends up very differently than planned. Friends convince me that a few days of Pennsic is worth the trip, so Sueva and I head up well ahead of her family. She and I have diametrically opposed personalities that somehow mesh seamlessly in the face of adventure.

My "Thank You" song to Sueva hatches as we ride the spine-rattling wagon down the battlefield hill....

To the tune of "Lola"

I met her at a meeting out in Shepherdstown
Where everybody, they were talking and just hanging around
Except for Sueva Sua-Sua-Sua-Sua-Sueva
She seemed really friendly and we started to talk
She introduced me to Clovis, who’s her personal stick jock
Oh my Sueva Sua-Sua-Sua-Sua-Sua-Sueva

Now I'm not the world's most physical wench
But she's got me luggin' ice and now I'm diggin' a trench
For my Sueva Sua-Sua-Sua-Sua-Sueva
Now I'm not dumb but I can't understand
Why she dress European but she play Mongolian
THat's my Sueva Sua-Sua-Sua-Sua-Sueva

Well we drank orange seltzer and danced at noon
Under a rockin’ middle eastern tune
She’d go along with all my scheming but she told me bold,
“You’ll never catch me goin’ skyclad at the classic swimming hole!”
Well I might be the world’s most curious girl
So we crammed 2 weeks of war into a 3-day swirl
A swirl with Sueva Sua-Sua-Sua-Sua-Sueva
Sua-Sua-Sua-Sua-Sueva Sua-Sua-Sua-Sua-Sueva

We chased down the bus
We ate our falafel
She started feeling awful
We rode on the wagon
And I looked at her and she guzzled down her flagon

When the time came to move on I just wanted to stay
And run amuck all over Pennsic til the very last day
Amuck with Sueva Sua-Sua-Sua-Sua-Sueva
Join bardic circles round the campfires blazing in the night
Chasing photos in the sunshine cause "it's all about the light!"
Camping with Sueva Sua-Sua-Sua-Sua-Sueva

I'd Left home just a few days before
And I'd never ever been to Pennsic before
Sueva smiled and let me drag her around
And stuff pamphlets in her bag from all the merchants in town

Now I'm flying down the highway cause I just can't sit still
But a piece of my heart is left up there on Horde Hill
And so is Sueva Sua-Sua-Sua-Sua-Sueva


  1. This is lovely, loving, and fun! A dance in words!

  2. A singing post! Very well done, I might add!!

    BTW...I voted for your blog using the BLOG VILLAGE voting link so that your blog will show up on the top list. I am working on a BLOG VILLAGE Equine Webring. Let me know if you are interested.

  3. Thanks!

    Janey, I am very interested in the equine webring. Too tangled up in "gotta-do's" right now to sort through it, but count me in when things quiet down!