Monday, August 13, 2007

AdSense Roulette


I keep AdSense around for the sheer entertainment value of AdSense Roulette. What will they put on the blog today? I've had ads for Gypsy horses, Bigfoot, tablewear, and West Virginia real estate, all in the same block of 4 ads. But I can at least get how Google came up with the relevance from the content of my posts, as far-fetched as some might be.

So where did the ad for bl@ck mag!c l0ve spe!!s come from???? I'm a Christian, I go straight to the Source to get things done. MUCH more powerful and efficient, and none of the icky side effects. Plus, most of the time I'm trying to work the OPPOSITE of a l0ve spe!!.

Google claims they have some fancy-pants uber-tech algorithm. I think its a pack of blindfolded monkeys throwing darts at random categories. Let's see what they come up with for THOSE keywords!

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