Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Animal Welcome

The animals are the most welcome home-ing-est of all. The horses all come running up, looking for love and company. They jealously try to chase each other off and steal all the attention for themselves. Princess Muffinhead and SkySong, my two homebred fillies, press their massive heads into me for long extended hugs. When I go down the road to teach, the horses linger for scratches before their lesson, and tickle me with their whiskers while we all hang out gossiping afterward. Pete, the orange cat, runs into my lap, purring, then follows me from ring to ring.

Whoever says animals can't talk must not have ears to hear.


  1. My finches talk--whenever I go near the cage, they obviously think I'm going to eat them.

    Need furry animals to pet. Soon.