Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Photo Upload Update, Pageant Reflecting

Now live:
Sunday Kiddie Tractor Pull
Miss Jefferson County Pageant

This Gypsy's no fan of beauty pageants. But one of my most diligent horsemanship students enters the Pageant this year, with no training or experience.

"I'm tired of not doing things because they're different, or they make me nervous," she confides.

Way to go, kiddo. THAT'S reason enough for anything.

She carries herself like a queen....

1 comment:

  1. seems to me that your you draw a certain type of people to you... ones that live in a box, see outside it and are working hard to find the door. You are
    exceptionally good at opening their eyes to what is just in front of them.

    thee cheers for making your way out 'student of the Gyps'. The fair appears to be a proving ground for seekers of the door. look out 2008 fair goers, Tink has a lock pick and ain't afraid to use it.