Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tech Support

Not many posts this past week-- my computer time has been directed towards building a website around my rising DVD empire ;-).

I'm fortunate to have built in tech service in the form of my cousin and great friend, who happens to be a computer genius. He bails me out time and again when my laptop and I fail to see eye to eye. Give me a renegade horse and I can whisper him into breakthrough. Give me a renegade computer and...a hammer! NO NO NO! I've learned that doesn't work. And pouring coffee on the keyboard doesn't boost processing speed, either.

So Cy, thanks for keeping my electronics up and running to my beck and call, and for showing me cool new stuff and for making me feel brilliant despite vast chasms in my cyber-savvy! This one's for you!


  1. Brilliant! The gypsy's best post yet...IMO. You have my gratitude.

  2. Me and the monk share a lot in our befuddlement with new technology.

    *Especially* the befuddlement.