Friday, March 2, 2007

Chai, Chillin' and Challenges

Serendipity waltzed Sueva into Washington this morning, cancelling our appointment at Jumpin' Java, but I was still hankering for some live music and decent brew. Cy was all for joining me there, Liz would make it later if she could....

What a day! Sunshine promises brings people out into the streets of Charles Town. Two women bearing "fight for peace" placards stroll the sidewalks. I pass an old friend going the opposite way in his "goin' to town" pickup and we have a merry, long overdue cell-phone conversation (his work truck is waiting on transmission work. He's a transmission mechanic. I laugh, relating all too well-- I'm a horse trainer and my coming 4 year old filly has yet to be started under saddle. What's that they say about the cobbler's children going barefoot?)

I can see Becca through the window as I wrap up my call. In a summery dress, with impossibly long hair, she reaches out with a bare toe for a hanger as softly colored silks breathe around her. She dyes silks, her work will hang in Jumpin'Java this month. I introduce myself and chat about silk and veil dancing, chainmail jewelry, code and 80's nights.

As she gathers and sorts her silks, I gaze at the bare brick walls and mull the possibilities of hanging a photo show. I haven't thought about such things least since moving from CT. But friends occasionally nag me about it. Shirley beats me over the head with it (in a kind and loving way!) While I was in Olympia this Christmas, Joy was pushing for me to give her prints for her store. Is this the direction things are going right now?

I tuck those thoughts behind my mountain of current ventures, and join Cy with a cup of chai.

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