Monday, March 5, 2007

Flight of the Valkyries- I mean Hamsters

Next time you're feeling dashing, daring and death-defying try this!

You may need to download a plug-in: it's worth it! Oh, and when you're "done", close the browser window. Its siren song will lure you back when you least expect it....


  1. And no matter how funny it may be, please don't keep missing the little furballs with the pillow. They *do* like to fly... :-)

  2. best flight: 267
    number of 0 ft flights: embarassingly high number

  3. But the great thing is, no matter how many times they fall flat, the hamsters still pop and and "ta-da" and all their friends shout, "hooray!"

    my first game my score was a whopping 24. my second was 387. my longest single flight was 120. number of 0 ft. flights? countless.