Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Last Pint

In the midst of an amazing night of revelry, this song captures my heart. It starts softly, sweetly, with two whistles scaling their limits and daring each other to go further. The guitar soon joins up, and after a time, the pipes. Finally the bass weaves its way into the enchantment, pushing the fringe of acoustic possibility. I am enthralled....

This version is comparitively simple and subdued, without Kevin Crawford's manic joy... but breathtakingly beautiful


  1. Great background music for doing carpentry...or even foreground.

  2. And when the carpentry rolls to a close, its a great song to learn for cousins and campfires! *hint hint* :-)

  3. Sent this to some friends this morn. It's strange how the same song can sound so different (but still bewitching) with a switch of instruments.