Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Leveraged Leisure

Spring has returned with a stronger (and more welcome) vengeance than winter here in almost heaven, West Virginia! This mountain mama's springtime schedule barreled in like a lion and is showing no signs of gentling down to a lamb. My apologies to those loyal readers berating the lack of new posts!

So how can one jam the life of liesure into the cracks and crevasses in the insanity? Well, the cardio cinema at the gym is an ingenious invention. For the upwardly mobile multi-tasker looking to leverage a few spare moments, though, nothing beats Movie-in-a-Moment (tm). The Laughing Gypsy is proud to highlight that swashbuckling yet compelling social commentary, Men in Tights:


  1. I had forgotten, "Men of Sherwood! Lend me your ears!" Shame on me!

    This came at a perfect time, especially the dosey doe line dance. Thank you.

  2. Original hamster dance:


  3. does this prove that Robin Hood is the alpha and the omega? :-)

  4. It certainly doesn't dis-prove it.