Thursday, March 1, 2007

Blogging in Bathtubs

I can't let go of the idea of knitting in the bathtub while watching a movie. After all, if you can't leverage your relaxation, what can you leverage?!

Newly inspired to finish the project I'm working on, I build the prototype bathtub knitting bench tonight. Picture a scrap of foamboard insulation, about a foot wide and long enough to rest crossways on the tub. Two largish tupperwares are set into holes cut in the foam. The yarn lays in the right hand container and the completed bulk of the project in the left.

The computer balances on a storage bin at the foot of the tub, playing a DVD.
This arrangement works quite well, though candlelight isn't enough to see stitches in fluffy yarn with.

I turn off Troy after Achilles lashes Hector's corpse to the chariot and starts to drive off. I probably don't want to see what happens next. Then I realize...wifi in the bathtub!

I don't trust the bathtub bench to hold up the laptop over the water, so my arms are kinda dangling over the lip of the tub writing. Not the most comfortable, and already I'm wondering... they make waterproof slipcovers for laptops?

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