Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dancing at Lunasa

I'm asked where we're going tonight and I realize, I don't know. All I heard some weeks ago was "Celtic music...wanna go?" Well, duh!

Turns out to be a concert with Dervish and Lunasa held in the historic Weinberg Center in Frederick. The gilded walls shake and dance to manic tunes, clapping hands and tapping feet. We're in the balcony, front row center, but soon abandon our seats to dance in the aisles, the aged floor sagging and creaking under our feet.

I've heard of Lunasa through the years, but this is my first live experience. Kevin Crawford goes right on my List Of People To Befriend. The man is jumping out of his skin with excitement and delight! He reminds me of an Irish Ask-A-Ninja :-)

For the final encore Dervish joins Lunasa onstage. 11 musicians. Mayhem.

It's a good night....

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  1. You're welcome. :-)

    I think I had as much fun watching you watching what the hey Kevin was going to do next. Especially when he got his hands on that drum...