Friday, January 5, 2007

Last Night In Olympia

The plan was to go to Stanley and Seaforth for large slabs of cow. Now Stanley Seaforth is an amazing restaurant but it’s a ways away, actually, not far from the airport. I suggest going someplace closer, more together time and less drive time. Mom is set on Stanley and Seaforth.

We decide to start the adventure at the Eastside, Joy’s and Todd’s favorite bar, with some pool and local microbrews. When Joy and I arrive, Todd, Mom and Rob are already inside. Suddenly my heart leaps—there’s Jaimie, a great friend of Joy’s, who I hadn’t seen this trip. And then my heart sings— behind her are Dan, fresh from vacation, who I last saw Christmas ‘05, and Tim. Yay! Everyone’s here!

Battles rage on the pool table, the ping pong table, the air hockey table. The most eclectic jukebox keeps the tunes flowing. The hands on the clock continue creeping. The fun outweighs Mom’s burn for a faraway restaurant, and we play on. Eventually we end up at the Water Street restaurant. Dan is a waiter there, and shares all the subtleties. Rumor has it that the cow I eat was fed Sapporo and massaged with Sake.

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