Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Flying Solo: Finale

Folks begin trickling back into my life late tonight, then I head out Friday to Vegas for a financial seminar (no, that is not a euphemism for "winning big!" though I plan to do that too! As God is my source, I am laughingly winning $100,000 for the good of all involved.)

My Week Alone is drawing to a close.

The results?

The solitude has been productive, introspective, at times inspiring. I need to remember how much I love alone time, time to lean into the yoke and just plow through projects that have quietly piled up. Time to luxuriate in a candle-lit bath with a good book that has absolutely nothing to do with business. Time to just hang out with God, and listen to Him (even if I don't like what He says at first), and pay attention as He does His work in me.

Remember the story of the Chinese Bamboo tree? You carefully tend it the first year. Nothing happens. You feed and water it the second year. Nothing happens. You nurture and care for it year after year and nothing happens. Then, in year 10, it explodes into a tree of glorious proportions.

The week began slowly, my surge of energy attacking my projects in stark contrast with the absolute lack of results apparent in the world. Bits of business picked up--a good thing, but thiefing precious time. A conference I'd forgotten about yet knew I needed to attend devoured the better part of 3 days.

Then, three days ago, things began happening fast and furious. Seeds planted years ago grown to fruition and falling into my harvest basket. Broken relationships with friends and clients restored. Baby projects growing legs and beginning to carry themselves. I'm half dizzy keeping up--and delighted! All credit goes to God. I'm just grateful to be along for the ride!

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