Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Home Again.... and Again!

We land in DC around 7 am. I sleep deeply for a few hours on the plane--bliss! One of my goals is to be able to sleep anytime, any place I choose. I count this a step in the right direction! I down copious amounts of coffee and collect JEB, who is thrilled to be home from doggie camp and promptly discovers a dismembered deer leg to drag up to the house.

My luggage is having such a great time it decides to visit Chicago and Atlanta on the way home. Makes unpacking much simpler!

Liz and Cy fly in this evening to Baltimore. I crank up the tunes and keep poking myself to stay awake on the drive in to pick them up. Two metro DC airports in less than 12 hours! I contemplate driving into Reagan National to give someone a lift and complete the trilogy.

Home again, again, and looking forward to sleep!

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