Wednesday, April 4, 2007

West Virginia Bigfoots... Bigfeet... Sasquatch!

According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization,, Bigfeet are surprisingly active in our wild and wonderful homestate. My farm straddles the county line, which in this case is a creek. The house and farmland is in one county, the timber is in another. Here's the exciting part-- Bigfoot has been sighted in the county on the other side of the creek!

Now I'm a practical woman. Seeing Bigfoot: very cool. Befriending Bigfoot and having his help with the farmwork? Priceless.

All I have to do is find him and convince him to cross the creek.

I ponder other naturalist analogs. Hummingbird feeders? I'm not sure what Bigfoot eats. Maybe Hawaiian Pizza from Dominos--I know I'm a fan. But there's a freshness factor to take into consideration there. Bat houses and Bluebird boxes? I'm envisioning something on the scale of a small barn. Cable TV? Works for my cousins during the playoffs! However that also might attract unwanted varmints...

Anyone out there a Bigfoot-ophile? Any suggestions for a Sasquatch siren's song?

And please... ignore any yodeling you may hear echoing across the county line late at night... especially as hay season draws nigh....


  1. I love me some Bigfoot! We need to set up a Bigfoot Cam.

  2. No, no cable tv. You'll never get rid of 'im.

    Well, let's see...he's covered with shaggy fur, long arms draping down toward the ground, goofy face...hey! He's a ape, only with better posture! Bring on the bananas!

    'Course, it's friggin' Sasquatch, so you better make it a banana split sundae.

  3. Bigfoot Cam! Film Geek, you're a genius!

    Wait 'til it films him driving the tractor and bucking hay....

  4. Hmmmm, I'd emerge from exile for a banana split sundae. I wonder if he'd share...?