Sunday, April 8, 2007


Happy Happy Easter! Jesus is Risen! From before Creation to Eternity's end, Death is vanquished, our screw-ups erased,victory secured, and WE ARE FREE!

I'm actually wistful watching Lent fade into the recent past. It's been an extraordinary season. I find myself wondering, does it have to end? And what is IT anyway? Trading something I think I want or need for the immeasurable blessing of seeing how God will fill those voids? He's a wild God with relentless imagination, infinite abundance and a vast yet detailed plan. Bring it on!

Have I been pushed? Of course. Beyond endurance? Considering what Good Friday commemorated, it was a cakewalk. Was it anything like I expected? Not at all (but I love surprises!) Was it worth it? Beyond a shadow of a doubt!

Is it sustainable? Therein lies the question. I wonder if it's even appropriate to ask.

This morning, God gives me an Easter basket, overflowing with colors and blessings. "Put all your eggs in THIS basket!"

That's the best offer I've had all day!


  1. What a wonderful message! "Put all your eggs in THIS basket." You're going to end up in 'quote of the day' with stuff like that.

  2. All RIGHT! Note to self--add "end up in quote of the day" to TaDa! List. But I can't take credit for the eggs in the basket, that was all God.