Sunday, April 22, 2007

Now, Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Its been an intense week. Between the VA Tech incident, Ethlyn's death and the ensuing mayhem of (welcome) relatives, and an onslought of other... considerations, its been an intense week.

I spend the afterchurch speeding through spring on the back of a motorcycle.
Belg loves speed and power as much as I do. I savor the flight-- and the welcome chance to think not in words but in pictures, in motion, in music--or not at all.

Manage to squeeze off a few photos. Luckily I'm not driving, otherwise we'd still be out on the road... "just one more shot!"


  1. Somehow, I get the feeling if you were driving, you'd be taking pictures and talking to friends on your cell phone at the same time. :-p

    It's like when we were kids--riding your bike with no hands, only a 70 miles per hour.

  2. Not on a motorcycle. But in a car...

    Don't worry, I stop multitasking if I'm actually driving at speed. My mom reads this, so I won't tell you what qualifies as speed ;-)

  3. Mach-3?
    Warp 5?
    Ludicrous speed?
    DSL? (okay, now I'm just being silly)

  4. Big Mother is Watching! My lips are sealed!

  5. Or perhaps I should say, I'm keeping mum!