Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Think Spring...?

Wolf tells me tonight they're forecasting snow for Saturday. I'm STILL holding out for a snow-tube/sauna party, so I say LET IT SNOW!

But if all it can muster is a few feeble flurries, then I vote to let Spring spring.

Too bad weather's an anarchy, not a democracy.


  1. Wow, do you think you could find something so beautiful in my yard?

  2. Absolutely! Remind me to bring my camera next time I come over by daylight...

    (mmmmm, bambooooooo!)

  3. I second the Wow, and add an Amazing! How did you get so close (knowing very little 'bout photography)?

  4. It's very technical, but I'll try to explain. You lean waaaaaaay over...:-)

    Seriously, my nice camera broke ages ago so now its No Frills with a little (but loyal!) point and shoot. (My mega-telephoto works fastest when I'm wearing sneakers!)

    Shall I add the anti-disclaimer: "this is NOT a trained professional. PLEASE DO try this in your own backyard!"