Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day, SnowBound Part II

A different Valentine's Day than scheduled. Shall I call it a delightful surprise? All thoughts of going out tonight were buried in the snowfall, and today's planned website creation was plowed over by digging out. Just when the aches were receeding from Monday's adventures, along comes today's struggle, new aches, new pains, new quandaries in the wake of the storm's casualties. Heck with it--tonight the thawing hoses are getting kicked out of the bathtub and I'm taking a soak!

I slide around on the ice on a tractor with no steering trying to break up the driveway and lanes as the sun sinks. A Mordor sunset, I think, subdued and forboding. Suddenly the sun bursts out of the clouds and blazes across the icy hill, illuminating my angel in 4 wheel drive inching and slithering up the road. Curtis is Mr. B's son, come to plow us out. He reports on the outside world--I'll be able to get off the farm tomorrow. I gratefully relinquish the tractor and set to night chores.

...As twilight deepens and I glimpse the end of my outside work, I grab up a tube and take a run, a run to exorcise last nights pathetic efforts. The hill is diamond. That tube flies to bring tears to my eyes and a rebel yell from my belly. Get halfway up the next hill, slide back down, slow enough that I can roll off without bruising anything too bad.

yes, at the end of the day, life is great!

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