Wednesday, February 7, 2007

All around me...

All around me I witnessed the cycle of life and death-- with deer becoming wolves, bones becoming soil, lichens eating rocks, herons stalking fish. Irate wolves chased ravens, who in turn chased indifferent eagles, while I wandered in the knowledge that my quiet contemplation would lead me to them so that I might paint them on film.

--Jim Brandendurg, Chased by the Light

Browsing Brandenburg before I lend him out, I come across this passage which really hits home for a number of reasons. I dig out this photo I shot down by down by the ford, which was a redneck hotspot and favorite dumping ground for broken appliances and poached deer carci. A recent flood had washed the garbage downstream, but this doe was just above the waterline, and continued her quiet return to the elements undisturbed.

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